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Pohlkat, Inc.
P.O. Box 4337,
Sidney, OH 45365
P: (937) 498-1631

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Pohlkat, Inc. began in 1989. From the beginning and remaining still, our goal is to service City Municipalities throughout the State of Ohio, by the removal and disposal of Municipal Lime/Sludge and Bio-solids. We are an agriculturally based company (fertilizer) that not only services the municipality but the farmer as well.

Pohlkat, Inc. has all of the equipment necessary to meet your specialized needs.

  • Bio-Solid Solutions
  • Municipal Removal
  • Industrial Removal
  • Digester Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Spent Lime Solutions
  • Municipal Removal & Disposal
  • Industrial Removal & Disposal.
  • Cake Lime Removal & Disposal.
  • Liquid Lime Removal & Disposal.
  • Lagoon & Pond Solutions.
  • Silt removal.

Municipal Removal & Disposal

Our method of spreading operations/land application is to pump the sludge into semi-tankers (6,000 to 8,000 gallons each) and transport it to the established field site. The sludge is pumped from a floater nurse tank whereby a high pressure pump will pump the sludge through a 4 ½ inch hose, which is laid across the field diagonally and pulled behind a bulldozer. The field dozer (which is a wide track with low ground pressure tracks) spreads across the field in a 25-foot spray pattern.

Industrial Removal & Disposal.

Pohlkat, Inc. services the Waste Water industries with removal of both dry and liquid material.

Cake Lime Removal & Disposal.

The lime for land application will be pumped from the lime storage lagoons into dump trucks using a farm tractor with a lagoon pump. Pohlkat, Inc. will apply the lime to the farmland on a request basis and at an application rate deemed necessary to correspond with the recommended application rate. The farmer will be responsible for any soil testing done to determine the necessary quantity of lime to be applied.

Liquid Lime Removal & Disposal

The liquid lime sludge will be transported in semi-tanker truck, ranging in size from 6,000 to 8,000 gallons, to a floater vehicle at the field site where it will be land applied. Complete records will be maintained as to date and time, amount hauled and applied, truck number or description, location of field identification date. Lime sludge shall be applied only during daylight hours.